Rocket League Tracker: A useful tool for every player | (2024)

The Rocket League Tracker is one of the most useful tools in any player's arsenal. The tracker allows players to see accurate rank information, match histories, leaderboards, and much more. They can even check in on their friends' competitive standings with just a few clicks.

To top it all off, the website, in-game overlay, and mobile app are all completely free with ads. No account is necessary.

The Rocket League Tracker website

Screenshot of Rocket League Tracker homepage (Image via

The simplest and quickest way to access the Rocket League Tracker from any device is by visiting the official website. Once there, you can find any player's competitive data within seconds. Simply choose the player's platform to the left of the search bar, enter their platform ID, and voila.

Profile overview

Screenshot of the RL Tracker profile overview for Team Vitality's zen (Image via

The profile overview contains the majority of information most people take interest in at a glance. Current and peak ranks for each game mode are displayed neatly next to one another.

Besides the rank icons, which anyone can see in-game, the RL Tracker also shows exact matchmaking rating (MMR), requirements for ranking up or down, amount of games played, and any current win/loss streaks. Scrolling down reveals a brief match history of the player's recent online games.

Match history

If the brief breakdown of recent games on the profile overview isn't enough, select the Matches tab under the player name at the top. This will show a much more expansive list of recent matches, including basic stats for each game as well as the MMR gained/lost as a result.

Skill rating progression

Screenshot of the RL Tracker rating progression for Team Vitality's zen (Image via

The Skill Rating tab allows visitors to view a player's ranked history in graph form. This includes MMR progression from the past year and can be viewed for any specific game mode as selected from the dropdown menu.

The image above shows the MMR progression of Team Vitality's Alexis "zen" Bernier. His MMR drops off with each season reset, as everyone else's does, due to the regular soft rank resets implemented by Psyonix. However, zen's rating then quickly skyrockets and then steadily climbs towards record-breaking numbers for the rest of the season.

Your MRR progression graph will probably not be as impressive as zen's, but that's okay. The majority of players do not consistently put up such photogenic numbers.

Performance graphs

Screenshot of the RL Tracker performance graphs for Team Vitality's zen (Image via

The final tab available is labeled Performance. Here, the RL Tracker displays four graphs showing different basic stats that give a little insight into a player's playstyle. Such stats include goals, assists, saves, shot accuracy, and how those things change day by day.

Leaderboards, favorites, and more

For those interested in how they measure up to the competition, the RL Tracker has got it covered. At the top of the page are multiple tabs that allow players to compare themselves to their friends and the general player base.

The Leaderboards tab brings up numerous public leaderboards keeping track of a plethora of different stats. Apart from the common ones, there are leaderboards for wins, MVPs, shooting percentages, and more.

The Distribution tab displays a bar graph detailing the current distribution of ranks in any given game mode. This allows players to easily visualize where they stand amongst the rest of the Rocket League population.

Finally, by logging in to your account, the Favorites tab allows you to instantly compare yourself to your closest friends and favorite pros. Simply add any players you wish to your favorites from their profile page. From then on, that player's ranks will appear right beside your own in the Favorites tab.

RL Tracker desktop app and in-game overlay

Screenshot of the RL Tracker in-game overlay (Image via

A convenient alternative to the website is the RL Tracker desktop app. Windows PC users can download and install the desktop app and set it to automatically launch alongside Rocket League. It features all of the same functionalities as the website, plus a few extras, such as the in-game overlay.

The in-game overlay, which is enabled by default, will quickly display everyone's ranks at the start of a match. This gives a quick idea of the lobby's skill level and may even help you be a little more or extra careful with certain players in the opponents' party.

Additionally, installing and enabling the desktop app will provide RL Tracker with more accurate data. This means that all the information on your profile will be more exact and updated as you play.

Rocket League Tracker mobile app

Screenshot of the mobile app (Image via

In addition to the website and desktop app for Windows, the Rocket League Tracker comes in one more form. You can download the official Tracker Network mobile app to your Android or iOS device, providing you with the most convenient way to access the RL Tracker on the go.

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Rocket League Tracker: A useful tool for every player | (2024)


Rocket League Tracker: A useful tool for every player | ›

The Rocket League Tracker is one of the most useful tools in any player's arsenal. The tracker allows players to see accurate rank information, match histories, leaderboards, and much more. They can even check in on their friends' competitive standings with just a few clicks.

How does rltracker work? ›

Rocket League Tracker is an in-game real-time tracking solution for your Rocket League stats. We calculate your performance to make sure you are on top of the competition. * Rocket League Tracker is a Windows PC only app that overlays while you play. Does not work with consoles.

What is the best companion app for Rocket League? ›

RL Garage brings the biggest Rocket League trading and car design platform to your phone! With the RL Garage app, you can find and post trade offers with ease, and connect with other players. This is the official companion app for - designed and optimized for mobile.

What MMR is Diamond 1? ›

Champion 1: 1075-1195. Diamond 3: 995-1075. Diamond 2: 915-995. Diamond 1: 835-915.

What is the average rank in Rocket League? ›

Average is Gold 3 for 3v3's. If you actually look at gameplay, like a saved replay from when we were all bronze, you'd actually understand how much you've grown and gotten better.

How rare is diamond in Rocket League? ›

Rocket League Ranks
Tier / Players TrackedDivision IDivision II
Diamond II 211,335 players (5.31%)875 — 878879 — 897
Diamond I 370,652 players (9.32%)815 — 818819 — 837
Platinum III 544,913 players (13.70%)755 — 758759 — 777
Platinum II 704,226 players (17.70%)695 — 698699 — 717
19 more rows

Why did Rocket League remove trading? ›

The decision to sunset player trading within Rocket League stems from the need to closely align with the policies of its parent company, Epic Games. Epic Games, which acquired Psyonix in 2019, has a stringent approach to in-game cosmetics. In their gaming ecosystem, items are not tradable, transferrable, or sellable.

Who is the richest player in RL? ›

M0nkey M00n was finally able to prove that he is still one of the greatest players in the world again, after undoubtedly being the best in the previous season. He has earned over $700,000, and is by far the highest earning Rocket League pro of all time.

Who is the best RL player of all time? ›

Pierre Silfver, also known as Turbopolsa, is a Swedish former professional Rocket League player. Considered one of the greatest Rocket League players of all time, he has won four Rocket League Championship Series championships, the most out of any player.

What rank is 10000 MMR? ›

CS2 Premier Rating to CSGO Ranks
0 – 4999GreySilver – Gold Nova
5000 – 9999Light BlueGold Nova – Master Guardian
10000 – 14999BlueMaster Guardian – Legendary Eagle
15000 – 19999PurpleLegendary Eagle – Supreme Master First Class
3 more rows
5 days ago

What is SSL in Rocket League? ›

Grand Champion → "GC" or "Grand Champ" Supersonic Legend → "SSL" Rocket League Championship Series → RLCS.

What rank is 3200 MMR? ›

Ranked - Ranks in Rainbow Six Siege

Silver: 2,100 - 2,599 MMR. Gold: 2,600 - 3,100 MMR. Platinum: 3,200 - 4,099 MMR. Diamond: 4,100 - 4,999 MMR.

What is the average age of Rocket League players? ›

The median average age of a professional Rocket League player is 21, according to Esports Charts data (by contrast, the average age in League of Legends and CS:GO is 25 and 26 respectively).

How does RL matchmaking work? ›

Party Skill and Matchmaking use a Weighted Average that blends the average skill of all players. The Weighted Average then skews that average to the highest-ranked player. Example: A party of similarly ranked players will have a Party Skill close to their average rating.

How does game chat work Rocket League? ›

While in-game, you can use Quick Chat to communicate with players using preset messages. These messages can be customized in the Chat tab of the Settings menu. While in a Party, you can use Party Chat to text chat to your friends on all platforms.

How does RL ranked work? ›

As you win Competitive Matches you will be promoted to higher Divisions and Ranks. Losing more matches than you win will demote you to lower Divisions and Ranks. Both Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend have their own Season Rewards at the end of each Season, as well as Rank-specific Titles.

How do Rocket League drops work? ›

You can earn Drops as Challenge Rewards and on the free track of Rocket Pass. A Drop adds an Item to your inventory when opened. These Items come in every rarity type from Uncommon to Black Market! Drops are not tradable, but once opened you can trade the items you receive.


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