List of all charms hollow knight (2024)



List of all charms hollow knight (1)

Poisonous Shell 3/10⦿ : Baldur Shell ⦿⦿ + Spore Shroom ⦿ = Being save while slowly chipping away the enemies health by Focusing. (Does not combine with either Longnail or Mark of Pride on longer range for the beams, though both still separately affect regular attacks.) Possible good addition: Soul Catcher ⦿⦿ Machine Gun 8/10⦿ : Grubberfly's Elegy ⦿⦿⦿ + Quick Slash ⦿⦿ + Fragile Strength ⦿⦿⦿ = Really strong beams of light are fired very fast when attacking. Toxic Thorns 8/10⦿ : Quick Focus ⦿⦿⦿ + Stalwart Shell ⦿⦿ + Grubsong ⦿ + Thorns of Agony ⦿ + Spore Shroom ⦿ = Simultaneously gain Soul and damage enemies in a small area around the character when taking damage, immediately Focus afterwards to deal even more damage in a large area of effect while being invincible long enough to heal uninterupted. Possible change: Leaving out Soul Catcher ⦿⦿, switching Mark of Pride ⦿⦿⦿ with Longnail ⦿⦿ and instead equipping Fragile Strength ⦿⦿⦿ Good 'quality' build for many bosses and. Melee Master/Samurai 10/10⦿ : Mark of Pride ⦿⦿⦿ + Quick Slash ⦿⦿ + Soul Catcher ⦿⦿ + Quick Focus ⦿⦿⦿ = Long range, quick hits and therefore really high damage with the upgrade, staying quite save away from the enemies, collecting enough Soul and being able to heal fast. This part of the guide will list the location and method of obtaining all Charm Notches and number them accordingly in the easiest, most common order of acquiring. This list will number and openly name every Charm of the Charm Collection menu - as shown within the game - from top left ( #01) to bottom right ( #36), it's Charm Notch cost, effect and where and/or how to receive it.ġ Soul Catcher and Soul Eater do not stack(?) 2 Fragile Greed does not affect mining Geo from stones, finding it in chests or getting it for defeating certain boss enemies(?) 3 Longnail and Mark of Pride stack diminishingly(?), definitely not additive Masks = The character's life, also known as hearts Soul = The character's mana, acquired by hitting enemies, used for Focusing and casting spells Focus / Focusing = Channeling Soul for healing Collecting all Charms from This addsįor easier visualisation and comprehending information faster I'll be using ⊚ for empty and ⦿ for filled Charm Notches and Charm Notch costs, so it's fairly easy and fast to check if certain Charms could combine into a (good) build. There's a total of 36 Charms to find and buy in Hollow Knight. Important note: All Charm effects, as explained below, only work when having the according Charm equipped - with one(?) explicitly mentioned exception. Including spoiler tags and numbering Charms from top left to bottom right - according to the four rows as shown in the Charm Collection menu within the game - so it's safe and easy to browse the guide searching only for specific Charms or combinations. This is a detailed guide (that's still work in progress) about Charms in Hollow Knight: Where and how to acquire them all, what they do exactly, listing strong and secret combinations and explaining what 'overcharming' is.

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Hollow Knight Complete Charm Collection Guide

List of all charms hollow knight (3)

Help with testing, new/missed secret combinations or discussion about good combinations in general are highly requested and welcome! I'll post the link to the original first, but will also format the text to fit Reddit below.Ĭomplete Charm Collection Guide (+Secret Combinations) on Steam Some exact details are still work in progress, so please be kind. r/demonssouls /r/darksouls /r/darksouls2 /r/darksouls3 /r/bloodborne /r/saltandsanctuary /r/castlevania /r/metroidĪfter playing the game - and loving it! - and in addition reading this SubReddit for a few days now, I finally decided to write a full Steam guide on the Charm Collection and just made an account to share it here.

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List of all charms hollow knight (2024)


How many Hollow Knight charms are there? ›

There are a total of 45 Charms, though only a max of 40 can be kept at one time, as 5 Charms can be replaced with different ones throughout the game: Kingsoul for Void Heart. Fragile Greed for. Unbreakable Greed.

Are there 12 charm notches in Hollow Knight? ›

If the player wants to equip as many Charms as they can, they'll need to collect every Charm Notch in the game. They will start with just three Notches, and collect eight more in the campaign for a total of 11. Here are all the Charm Notches that can be collected in Hollow Knight.

What order to get charms in Hollow Knight? ›

For a list of the charms in the order you can earliest get them (assuming infinite Geo for vendors), here's my best attempt:
  1. Fury of the Fallen (King's Pass)
  2. Wayward Compass (Iselda)
  3. Gathering Swarm & Stalwart Shell (Sly)
  4. Soul Catcher (Ancestral Mound)
  5. Grubsong (Grubfather)
Jun 26, 2018

How much is unbreakable strength? ›

Unbreakable Strength | Hollow Knight Wiki
Unbreakable Strength
Effect:Strengthens the bearer, increasing the damage they deal to enemies with their nail by 50%. This charm is unbreakable.
1 more row
Oct 30, 2023

How much health does Gruz' mother have? ›

Gruz Mother: Normally has 90 or 120 HP, depending on if you find her in the Crossroads or the Colosseum. Has 650 HP in Godhome. Vengefly King: Normall has 90 or 100 HP, depending on if you find him in Greenpath or the Colosseum.

Is there a stag station in fungal waste? ›

One of the main features of the area is the large Stag Station in the west part, Queen's Station. Various NPCs are present throughout the area. Leg Eater has a shop where he sells Fragile Charms in the northeast part of the Fungal Wastes.

What does Void Heart do? ›

The Void Heart item in Hollow Knight is a Charm that unlocks a new ability, dialogue with certain characters, and alternate endings. Hollow Knight's Voidheart Edition is an updated release of the game for different consoles.

Is Soul Catcher good? ›

Soulcatcher is a bad Netflix streaming film. The leads have little to work with when it comes to Marcowicz and Kowalewicz's script. The special effects are of poor quality.

Is a long nail or mark of pride better? ›

Usefulness. It is useful for keeping distance from more dangerous enemies and for performing safer Nail-bounces. While it has a slightly shorter range than the Mark of Pride Charm, it is acquired with less challenge and has a lower Notch cost. In most normal combat, the range difference is negligible.

Is fragile strength worth it? ›

Usefulness. Fragile Strength does not affect damage from Nail Arts or the Sharp Shadow, Dreamshield, and Thorns of Agony Charms. It is an extremely powerful Charm. It permanently provides a similar benefit to Fury of the Fallen without needing to be at one Mask, costing only one more Notch.

What charm lets you hit faster in Hollow Knight? ›

Quick Slash is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It allows for more rapid Nail strikes.

What charm picks up Geo Hollow Knight? ›

Gathering Swarm is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It spawns a swarm that collects dropped Geo.

How many charms for blessing Hollow Knight? ›

How to acquire. 800 after acquiring 40 Charms.

How many full masks are in Hollow Knight? ›

Mask Shards are parts of Ancient Masks. 4 Mask Shards are needed to complete an Ancient Mask, which increases the Knight's health by one. With a total of 16 Mask Shards in the game, the Knight can increase their Mask count by 4, for a maximum of 9, not counting bonuses from Charms and Lifeblood Cocoons.

How many dreamers are there in Hollow Knight? ›

The Dreamers are three beings who entered into an eternal sleep in order to use their power to seal away the Hollow Knight. The ones who became the Dreamers are Monomon the Teacher, Lurien the Watcher, and Herrah the Beast.

How many watchers are there in Hollow Knight? ›

There are 6 Watcher Knights total, and the fight starts with only one Knight being reanimated.


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