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Home internet outages can throw off your daily routine, your social life, and even your ability to check accounts and pay bills. So frustrating!

The official line from Spectrum is that it offers 99.9% internet reliability. But your real-world experience could be a different story.

We’ll go over how to tell if there’s a Spectrum network outage, give you tips for getting back online, and help you understand Spectrum outage frequency so you can decide whether it’s time to switch providers.

On this page:

Refund information | Leave a review |What customers say |Spectrum outages by the numbers | How Spectrum Compares |FAQ

On this page:

  • Refund information
  • Leave a review
  • What customers say
  • Spectrum outages by the numbers
  • How Spectrum Compares
  • FAQ

How to find out if Spectrum Internet is down

Spectrum outages happen, but often you can fix your internet access problem on your own. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to find out whether the problem is on your end or if it’s a true Spectrum outage.

Step 1: See if you can get online with a different device
Step 2: Check the lights on your modem and router
Step 3: Restart your devices or perform a complete power cycle
Step 4: Check the Spectrum app or online portal
Step 5: Look for construction crews or ask your neighbors

Check out our guide on Spectrum troubleshooting for more info.

Check the lights on your router

Is Spectrum Internet Down? (2)

Photo by Kevin Parrish |

The router shown above is the NETGEAR Nighthawk RS700S we recently tested. It has different lights than the current Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E routers Spectrum supplies to subscribers. Generally, a blue or green LED status means Spectrum’s router has a solid internet connection—a red LED appears if it doesn’t.

Still can’t get online? Contact Spectrum

If you’ve gone through all the steps above and still can’t get online, it’s time to contact Spectrum Support. You’ll need the phone number of the account holder or your Spectrum account number. You can find that number at the top left corner of your printed bill or the top right corner of our account page online. In the My Spectrum app, tap Your Account in the top-right corner of the home screen and then tap View Account Info.

When you dial in, your call will be answered by an audio chatbot that will walk you through options. To reach a live human, press “0” or say “representative” and answer the questions from the robot voice until your call is routed properly.

Pro tip:

Sometimes, you can find out about Spectrum outages on social media before the company alerts you of a problem. We recommend checking out r/Spectrum on Reddit, the Ask Spectrum account on X, or the Spectrum page on Facebook.

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  • How To Use the Internet While the Power Is Out

Customer-reported outage information

Internet providers (including Spectrum) are notoriously opaque about outages. That’s why we asked real customers about their experiences. The results for Spectrum were not quite as good as what we saw from fiber internet providers such as Google Fiber.

Results from the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Data is self-reported. Image by Kayla Fischer |

Refunds for Spectrum Internet outages

Spectrum doesn’t offer automatic refunds to home internet customers, but you may be able to ask for a refund if you’ve had a lot of problems. In the California Connects study mentioned above, researchers found $20 was the most common refund. If you insist, though, you may be able to get up to $50.

We read every word of the terms of service, and here’s what we found: “Spectrum may give credit with respect to Subscriber’s recurring monthly subscription fee but isn’t required to do so.”

We found only one important exception in the terms. New customers may be eligible for a refund within the first 30 days of signing up (if they cancel service within 45 days of billing).

Leave a review about your Spectrum service

Hearing from real customers helps our experts make better recommendations. If you’re a Spectrum customer, tell us know what you think about your service.

Write a Spectrum Review Read reviews from other Spectrum customers

What other Spectrum customers say

We talk to thousands of customers a year as part of our annual customer satisfaction survey, and we hear from even more who leave reviews on our site. Below is a snapshot of what we heard in 2023.

Spectrum customer feedback*

I like that Spectrum has affordable prices, and they can do better at being more reliable without as many outages”

“I am happy that Spectrum upgraded their system in my area. Prior to that, my service was subject to more slowdowns and outages.”

“The rare outages and rare slower speeds are disappointing. Customer service is top notch. I always reach someone to help and my questions/issues are responded to timely.”

“I like that our internet is very reliable. If we have issues, we can get help on the phone or on the website. Usually, if the internet goes down, it’s less than five minutes before it comes back up.”

*Sourced from customers in all regions of the United States as part of the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey. We did not collect names or other personal info.

Spectrum outages by the numbers

30: percent of households in the U.S. served by Spectrum internet
Spectrum network uptime not including outages caused by storms, fiber cuts from outside construction, and events related to commercial power outages
58: Percent of Spectrum customers who told usthey rarely or never have Spectrum outages
300: Minimum top speed of a Spectrum home internet plan (speeds aren’t guaranteed

If you’re not sure whether you’re experiencing an outage or slowdown on your Spectrum connection, check your speed using our mobile app or any browser.

Check your Spectrum Internet speed

Spectrum system upgrades

Many of the short but frequent outages we hear about seem to be related to Spectrum’s network-wide upgrade. A Reddit thread about the high-split tech answers questions about upgrade-related questions from a technician, for example. It lines up chronologically with complaints we see on online outage detection sites. In most cases, brief outages occur during early morning hours, but we have seen reports of them lasting for multiple hours.

According to Spectrum, the upgrade is expected to take place in three stages and last through 2025. By the time it’s done, customers may be able to get download speeds as fast as 10Gbps.

Is Spectrum Internet Down? (4)

How Spectrum Internet compares

in major metros in Texas and parts of Atlanta, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and the Carolinas. If you can get AT&T where you live, you will usually get faster speeds at better prices than you would with Spectrum, but you may be able to find a slower budget plan from Spectrum.

Spectrum competes with Fontier’s fiber internet in places like Los Angeles, Dallas, areas of Connecticut, and Tampa, Florida. Spectrum also competes with DSL from Frontier in areas throughout the U.S. If you can get only DSL, Spectrum is usually the better choice. If you’re in one of Frontier’s fiber neighborhoods, though, it’s a tough call. You may qualify for slow but super cheap plans from Spectrum (for the first 12 months), but you can get excellent speeds and reliable prices with Frontier.

Spectrum also competes with Earthlink. We recommend careful comparison shopping, because prices and available speeds vary widely. Lucky for you, you can get unlimited data with plans from either provider.

If the choice is between Spectrum and Verizon (and you can get Verizon Fios), our experts say you should go with Fios. If your choice is between Google Fiber and Spectrum, you can save a little money upfront with Spectrum, but you will likely be happier with Google Fiber in the long run. Between Spectrum and Optimum, Spectrum might be the better choice due to its lower prices and higher customer service scores. However, both Spectrum and Optimum raise prices after an initial promotional period.

Data from our 2024 Internet Provider Review

About two-thirds of Spectrum customers are either very satisfied or completely satisfied with their plans, and about the same number are satisfied with the reliability of their service. However, 8% were either hardly satisfied or not at all satisfied with the reliability. Slightly over half of customers tell us they are very likely to choose Spectrum again next time they shop for internet.

Spectrum fared a little better than average among national internet providers in our 2024 expert review. It earned especially high marks for speed.

ProviderOverallSpeed (in Mbps)Reliability
Is Spectrum Internet Down? (7) 73163.3887

*Ratings based on our Annual Provider Review. Higher is better.

Spectrum offers a wide variety of home internet plans, and you can bundle with TV and even your mobile phone for one monthly bill.

Read Our Expert Spectrum Internet Review

Is Spectrum Internet Down? (9)

Is Spectrum Internet Down? (10)

Do you have any other options for home internet?

Enter your zip code below for a complete list of Spectrum competitors in your area.

FAQ about Spectrum

How do I know if Spectrum is down in my area?

You can find out if Spectrum is reporting an outage in your area by checking for any text messages from Spectrum on the account holder’s mobile phone. Then, check the My Spectrum app or go to your Spectrum account page. You can also check the lights on your equipment.

Why isn't my Spectrum Internet working?

Problems with Spectrum Internet could be due to a widespread outage, but they may also be related to your home internet equipment, your cables, your devices, or the app or website you’re trying to access. Get tips and advice from our Spectrum troubleshooting guide.

How do I check my Spectrum signal?

You can check whether you’re getting internet from Spectrum by checking the lights on your router, modem, or gateway. Generally, bright blue and steady means you’re online if you’re renting Spectrum gear. Third-party routers not supplied by Spectrum will usually give you a red LED if there’s no internet detected.

If you are online but think your connection is slow, you can check your Spectrum speeds on either mobile or desktop.

Why is my Spectrum Wi-Fi connected but I don't have internet?

If your devices can connect to your Spectrum Wi-Fi but you can’t access apps and websites, Spectrum may be experiencing an outage. Check for text messages from Spectrum, the My Spectrum app and your Spectrum account page to see if anything has been announced. If not, we recommend checking your connecting cables. If that still doesn’t work, power cycle your gear to see if that fixes the problem.

Does Spectrum work when the power is out?

Nope, Spectrum does not work in a power outage. Unfortunately, that’s true even if your modem, router, or gateway have battery backups. Try getting online by using your smartphone as a hotspot, tethering your smartphone, or firing up a mobile hotspot device. If that’s not possible, you may need to travel to an area that has power and find a public Wi-Fi connection.

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