Easily Bake Your Own Giant Cookie Cake! (2024)

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Save money by baking your own chocolate chip cookie cake that uses just 3 ingredients and is perfect for birthdays or any holiday!

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Here’s a semi-homemade recipe that’s perfect for any celebration!

I love baking my own giant cookie cakes instead of buying a pricey one from a bakery. They always turn out so awesome and are a cinch to create! Anyone can pull this off, and who doesn’t want a giant gooey chocolate chip cookie in their life for dessert?! I actually prefer cookies over a cake, so this is a great birthday cake alternative!

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I usually opt for the semi-homemade route and used a tube of pre-made cookie dough and a 12 inch round pizza pan. That, along with some store-bought frosting, ended up making a super quick and easy dessert that’s always a hit with the family too. I love that this is so overly simple that the kids can help, too!

I’m sure this idea would also work great with some homemade cookie dough if you wanted to go in that direction instead!

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Check out this red white and blue cookie cake!

I have made these for birthdays and today I just put together this patriotic one! Wouldn’t this be super cute for the 4th of July?! For this version I added in some red and blue M&Ms and festive sprinkles. It was so easy to make! The little flag picks are so fun and are from Michaels.

Love my brass and marble cake pan?It’s one of my favorites ever and from West Elm!

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Giant Cookie Cake

yield: 12 SERVINGS

prep time: 10 MINUTES

cook time: 17 MINUTES

total time: 27 MINUTES

An easy 3-ingredient semi-homemade recipe to bake a large cookie cake for a birthday or decorate for various holidays!



Preheat the oven to 325 degrees, and grease a 12-inch pizza pan.


Form cookie dough into a ball shape and press it into about an 8-inch circle on a pizza pan. Be sure to leave a few inches around the edges, as the cookie will spread. Add M&Ms candy to the top if using.


Bake for 16-17 minutes until the cookie is golden brown and cooked. Remove from the oven and let cool.


Once cool, remove from the pan, and decorate as desired with frosting and sprinkles. Enjoy!

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Tips for making the BEST chocolate chip cookie cake:

  • You want to make sure and leave plenty of room around the edges of the pan because the dough will expand and it would create a mess if it spilled over. Try to make an 8-inch circle in a 12-inch pizza pan.
  • I feel like other types of dough would be fun to experiment with, like sugar cookie and macadamia nut. This can go beyond chocolate chip cookie dough!
  • A giant cookie could be so much fun for a cute birthday cake or really any other holiday, as you can decorate it as desired. In fact, MrsFields.com has a whole page with cookie cakes to purchase with lots of photos for decorating inspo! I love the pumpkin and football game day one!
  • I used store-bought frosting and my favorite Wilton cake decorating tool to frost this cookie cake around the outside.

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I love that this delicious cake is also a money-saving hack!

The inexpensive supplies that I bought for this cake set me back less than $10 while a Mrs. Fields brand giant cookie cake can cost around $45! 😱 That’s a big savings, and I can make it at home at my convenience.

You can cut it up into triangle pieces just like you would with cake. My cookie was perfectly chewy and soft in the middle. I honestly love cookies more than cake and would be excited to eat this on my birthday! You could even skip the frosting and maybe serve it warm with vanilla ice cream-YUM!

My kids loved this idea and I hope your family enjoys it too! Funny enough they all assumed it was homemade cookie dough and I didn’t correct them. 😂

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Here’s what my teammate Jenna said after making her cookie cake:

“We made a cute Halloween version last Fall. This is officially my kids’ favorite recipe ever, as it’s is so easy to make and so fun to decorate! They were beyond excited when it came out of the oven. This recipe is so convenient to use store-bought ingredients, but I especially appreciate the tip about leaving a few inches around the edge so the cookie can grow as it bakes — it was super helpful.

Check out this fun Reese’s Pieces peanut butter ball dessert idea!

Easily Bake Your Own Giant Cookie Cake! (2024)


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